How to Open a Suspended Twitter Account?

Suspended Twitter Account is among the problems experienced on Twitter recently. This problem is generally a situation that occurs after an unusual situation is detected in the accounts. In cases of suspension, Twitter takes place in order to take security measures when potential risks to the account are identified or suspicious situations arise.

Such measures are taken to prevent security measures occurring in users' accounts and to prevent malicious activities occurring on Twitter. Accordingly, in case the account is suspended, users receive notifications by e-mail and after the notifications, it is explained why the accounts were suspended. In cases where Twitter accounts are suspended, their accounts can be reactivated by contacting the Twitter support team. If the account is suspended, users' access to their accounts may be restricted again, causing them to use it more actively on this platform.

Individuals who experience suspended Twitter account problems can reactivate their accounts by following the authentication and security steps. In order to ensure users' account security during this process, standard procedures are processed and finalized after authentication.

Why is a Twitter Account Suspended?

There are several different issues that may cause your Twitter account to be suspended. These are generally situations that violate security policies and behaviors that will negatively affect users' experiences. However, in general, situations that may cause the Twitter account to be suspended are;

• Users constantly sending follow-up requests to users within a certain period of time. This situation includes situations that may cause the account to be suspended due to being perceived as spam.

• If the same content is constantly added to favorites, re-tweeted, or repeatedly displayed in similar situations, these situations will be perceived as spam. If these actions are taken, it may cause the account to be suspended.

• Situations such as displaying offensive content, tweeting and sharing derogatory content that may disturb other users are perceived as spam.

• Tweeting insulting users may result in the account being suspended as it is against Twitter policies.

• Sharing content containing hate speech on language, religion, gender, race and sensitive topics may result in account suspension.

If you exhibit one or more of the above reasons, your Twitter account may be suspended.

How to Open a Suspended Twitter Account?

If a Twitter account is suspended for one or more reasons, there are certain steps that must be taken to reactivate the account. Therefore, the steps to open a suspended Twitter account are as follows;

Add Phone Number

• Log in to the Twitter account and go to the More tab.

• Then go to Settings and Privacy tab.

• After entering the My Account tab, go to the Account information area.

• Click on the Phone option in the window that opens.

• Enter your phone number in the field without writing 0. This field will automatically set the country code for your phone number for you.

• After confirmation, confirm the code sent to your phone.

Contact Us to Open an Account

• After logging into the account, go to Your Twitter Account is Locked area

• Enter your phone number after clicking Get Started

• After entering the confirmation code, click Submit.

Contact Twitter Support

• To reactivate your Twitter account, contact the Twitter support team and request to open your account.

• After you create a request, your account will be examined and a decision will be made.

You can open a suspended Twitter account by following these requests. Therefore, in order to make the account more secure, Twitter policies must be followed completely and be more sensitive to ensure that the account remains safe. Another thing that should not be forgotten is that if these situations continue, the account will be permanently closed.

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