What is Backlink and How to Get It?

Backlink is the linking of the website to the content, products or services published on different websites. The given backlink allows the website to be recognized and spread to more users. Having links to the website or its products on different websites increases the rankings in search engines.

As the number of quality backlinks of the original content on the website increases, its value in the search engine increases as it is referenced by the sites. In this way, it increases the site traffic at the same rate, thanks to the efficiency of Google bots. Backlink services to the website cause you to encounter different problems. First of all, it may cause the content or website to be viewed as spam.

There have been different changes in backlink criteria in search engines from past to present. Especially the visits of users who have recently visited the website through links on different sites offer different important advantages within the site. In addition, it can provide advantages for websites thanks to the duration of stay on the site and the actions taken during the visit. Backlink is an important issue for the efficiency of websites.

What are the Backlink Types?

Backlinks are divided into different classes by SEO experts. Accordingly, the types are as follows:

• Profile backlink: Obtained through forum memberships.

• Article backlink: Obtained through article pages.

• Directory backlink: Obtained through directory sites.

• Blog Backlink: Obtained through comments on blogs.

• Footer Link: Taken from subdirectories or sidebars on the website.

• Wiki Backlink: Obtained through wiki sites.

• Promotional Article: It is among the most popular and most used backlink types. It is published and placed in content on different and popular sites.

• Social Bookmarking: It is the type of backlink received from social media platforms. It is the most important backlink type on Google.

• Edu Gov Backlink: It is the type taken from Gov and Edu extensions. It is the most prestigious type of backlink when used for highly successful projects.

• Company Directory: This is the preferred type of company directories. It is extremely important, especially in terms of local SEO.

What to Consider When Getting Backlinks?

Before getting a backlink, it is extremely important that there are different rules and that you act without breaking the rules. It should not be forgotten that websites may be damaged if the rules are not followed. Today, natural link is the most preferred method among the most efficient and effective methods of getting backlinks. If a natural link is not possible, it is necessary to make it look natural.

One of the issues to consider before getting a backlink is the language of the website from which the backlink will be taken. Backlinks, especially from websites published in different languages, are not natural. Accordingly, in whatever language the website is available, it is necessary to get a backlink from the website published in that language. In addition, for the backlinks provided to be useful, the click rates on the given links are also extremely important. For this reason, backlinks should not be taken from sites that do not receive clicks or have a very low probability of being clicked.

It is of no use to get backlinks from websites that have low visitor numbers or no visitors. It is not possible to increase the traffic on the sites in return for the service provided. For this reason, backlinks should not be taken from websites that will be perceived as spam. While trying to benefit the website, you may harm it. If backlinks are taken from websites with low or no traffic, there is a possibility of being penalized if Google detects them.

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