What is Email Blacklist?

Email blacklisting may occur when forwarded emails go unanswered. In cases where e-mails are sent, it may be that the other person is busy or the e-mails have not been sent. In addition, the e-mail server may have sent the e-mails you sent to the spam box or blocked the e-mails. Blacklisting is one of the ways that people's email servers block incoming emails.

What is Email Blacklist?

Email Blacklist is a very comprehensive database consisting of general names and IP addresses of emails sent over the Internet that are marked as suspicious for sending purposes. It is also called DNSBL (System-based black hole list) or RBL (real-time black hole list). Different businesses or organizations such as ESP (E-mail service providers), ISP (Internet service providers) and ASA (Spamming agencies) use these lists to detect, monitor and block incoming e-mails.

How Do I Know If I'm on an Email Blacklist?

When your email is blacklisted, sent emails cannot be sent properly. But at this point it does not mean that it will be blacklisted on different mail servers around the world. If you are blacklisted from the DNSBL service, your chances of being blacklisted by other companies are very low. To summarize this briefly, being blacklisted from one of the companies providing a blacklist service does not mean that you are blocked from other servers. However, there are a few other issues that will prove your blacklisting status:

• Receiving a high number of e-mails

• Congestion in sending e-mails

In addition to these, there are different warning signs to understand that you are blacklisted. If you are experiencing the problems in the list above, it would not be wrong to think that your IP address is blacklisted.

Check Your IP Address and Domain

There are dozens of companies on the Internet that offer e-mail blacklist services. For this reason, it is quite difficult and time-consuming to check the companies that offer these services one by one. However, for those who want to save time by shortening these processes today, RBL maintains a list of real-time darklist threads. To do this, you can visit the website and request service data and domain or IP addresses to be removed from the list.

Email Blacklist applications where you can check whether your domain address is on the blacklist:

1. MXtoolBox: By checking domain names from different RBL lists, it is automatically checked whether they are blacklisted. In this way, you can query the status of your domain from different blacklists with a single click.

2. MultiRBL: It is a website that checks whether your domain is blacklisted and quickly provides more than 100 DNSBL lists. If your domain is blacklisted, you can remove it via this website.

Websites serving malicious intent may also be blacklisted in Google safe browsing lists to warn visitors to the page of potentially unsafe websites.

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