Key Features and Updates in Fedora 40

Key Features and Updates in Fedora 40

  1. Desktop Environments:

    • GNOME 46: This release comes with the latest version of GNOME, which includes numerous improvements in usability and performance.

    • KDE Plasma 6: The KDE environment has been updated, featuring the Wayland graphics stack for improved graphical performance and better support for modern hardware​ (Fedora Docs)​​ (The world's open source leader)​.

  2. Software Updates:

    • Fedora 40 features a refreshed software base with updated versions of popular applications such as Firefox 125, LibreOffice 24.2, Thunderbird 115.9, and GIMP 2.10.36​ (Linuxiac)​.

    • The developer stack includes GCC 14.0.1, Python 3.12.3, Golang 1.22.2, Perl 5.38, Ruby 3.3.0, PHP 8.3.6, Node.js 20.12.2, and OpenJDK 21​ (Linuxiac)​.

  3. AI Tooling:

    • New AI tools have been integrated into Fedora 40, making it a more powerful platform for AI development and research​ (The world's open source leader)​.

  4. Immutable Desktops:

    • Fedora has consolidated its immutable desktop variants under the new banner of "Fedora Atomic Desktops." This includes Fedora Silverblue, Fedora Kinoite, Fedora Sway (formerly Sericea), and Fedora Budgie Atomic​ (Linuxiac)​.

  5. Podman 5.0:

    • The latest release of Podman introduces significant updates, including a complete overhaul of podman machine commands, adoption of Pasta as the default backend for rootless networking, and a shift from BoltDB to SQLite as the database backend​ (Linuxiac)​.

  6. CentOS Stream and RHEL:

    • Fedora 40 serves as the branch point for CentOS Stream 10, which will form the foundation for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 10. This ensures that innovations in Fedora are gradually integrated into RHEL, offering a stable and enterprise-grade environment​ (The world's open source leader)​.

Upgrading to Fedora 40:

To upgrade from Fedora 39 to Fedora 40, users can follow a comprehensive step-by-step guide provided by the Fedora Project. Ensuring your system is fully up-to-date before starting the upgrade process is essential for a smooth transition​ (The world's open source leader)​​ (Linuxiac)​.

Fedora 40 continues to strengthen Fedora's position as a leading choice for Linux users, offering a robust and polished experience with the latest in open-source software. For more detailed information, you can refer to the official Fedora documentation and release notes on their website.

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