Foundation for Children with Leukemia

While cancer rates have increased incredibly in recent years, a significant number of children suffer from this disease and are waiting to be treated or are trying to hold on to life with this disease and the dozens of medications they take despite their childish bodies. Experts and scientists explain that the reason for the decline of cancer in childhood is the change in our diet over time, the tendency towards unhealthy and fast food snacks, the fact that almost all of the foods we consume contain genetically modified organisms, and the increase in the amount of radiation we are exposed to as technology infiltrates every aspect of our lives.

Cancer, which is a disease that insidiously destroys a person from within, can sometimes show no symptoms until the last stage, making the patient's treatment much more difficult and impossible. The Foundation for Children with Leukemia is an organization created to support children in every aspect they may need in the fight against this disease. What are the Children with Leukemia Foundation and its missions?

How Does the Foundation for Children with Leukemia Work?

The Foundation for Children with Leukemia works to meet all the material and moral needs of children with leukemia and blood cancer until they are treated, during and after treatment. Among the duties of the Children with Leukemia Foundation are the psychological rehabilitation treatments that children need to receive during the stages of coping with the disease, covering their education and health expenses, providing a suitable educational environment and health conditions so that they can continue their education, and supporting families.

Not only this, the Foundation strives to ensure that children with cancer can donate blood when necessary, it deals with this process and encourages the society on issues such as blood donation and organ donation, as well as taking the necessary precautions in advance regarding leukemia and blood cancer. It aims to create the public perception necessary to have their children's health examinations done and to meticulously observe their children's routines such as nutrition, sleep, and spending time with technological devices. Being aware that cancer is not a type of disease that only affects the patient, the foundation brings together the patient, the patient's family and other individuals in the society during and after the treatment process, ensuring that other individuals provide moral support to the family and increases the interaction between social groups.

Children with Leukemia Foundation Projects

The Association for Children with Leukemia aims to use the income from these sales for sick children and their treatments by designing and producing products bearing the emblem and name of its foundation. At Lösante Children and Adult Hospital, which was established with the support of the Foundation for Children with Leukemia, it is aimed for individuals with cancer to receive treatment under more private and safe conditions, while at the same time trying to provide a more suitable treatment process for families who are psychologically worn out in normal hospitals. The Health and Education Foundation College for Children with Leukemia, which was established so that children with leukemia can integrate into society more easily and do not fall behind in their education, allows children with cancer to receive education under much better conditions and by very caring and conscious teachers who are experts in their fields.

The Foundation for Children with Leukemia, which aims to raise public awareness about cancer, tries to instill a sense of courage and confidence in children by claiming that cancer is not a disease to be afraid of. Although the treatment process varies from person to person, cancer is a devastating disease and is not a disease that can only be treated by the patient, family and doctor triangle. Social integration is very important so that the patient does not become detached from society, feels better morally and can socialize while he is sick. You can also provide financial aid and support to Lösev for all its support.

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