PHP 8.4 is one of the latest versions of the PHP language and comes with many new features and improvements.

PHP 8.4 is one of the latest versions of the PHP language and comes with many new features and improvements. Here are the key features and innovations of PHP 8.4:
1. Readonly Class Features:
 - `readonly` properties introduced in PHP 8.1 can now be defined at the class level. All properties of a class can be marked `readonly`.
2. Generics Support:
 - PHP 8.4 introduces broader support for generics. This makes it easier to write code that provides type safety for collection types and other data structures.
3. Fiber API Improvements:
 - In PHP 8.4, Fiber API has been made more performant and easier to use. Fibers enable managing concurrent programming more efficiently.
4. JsonException Improvements:
 - Improvements to the JsonException class to better manage errors during JSON operations.
5. Improvements for Access Modifiers:
 - Improvements to access indicators for properties and methods make it possible to write more flexible and secure code.
6. Enum Types Improvements:
 - More flexibility and ease of use has been provided regarding enum types. Enums can now be defined and used in a more powerful way.
7. Error Handling Improvements:
 - Various improvements in error management enable errors to be captured and managed more accurately.
8. New String Functions:
 - PHP 8.4 adds new functions to make string manipulation easier. For example, checking the beginnings and ends of strings becomes easier with functions such as `str_starts_with` and `str_ends_with`.
9. Better Performance:
 - With general performance improvements, PHP 8.4 runs faster and more efficiently than previous versions.
10. Deprecation and Removed Features:
 - Some old and unsafe features have been deprecated or removed with PHP 8.4. It's important to pay attention to these changes when updating your code.
PHP 8.4 offers developers a more powerful, secure and flexible language, making it easier to develop modern applications. The new features and improvements include long-awaited updates by the PHP community and make PHP better suited to current programming needs.

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