Windows Errors and Solutions

As computer users, it is extremely important to deal with various errors that we may encounter from time to time in the Windows operating system. These errors can negatively affect the user's experience and hinder the workflow. Nowadays, many Windows errors are solvable and it is usually easy enough for users to fix these problems on their own. The most common Windows errors and solutions today:

Blue Screen Error (Blue Screen of Death - BSOD):

A blue screen error is an error that is given as a warning that the computer has encountered a system error and the operating system is at risk of crashing. This error is usually caused by hardware or driver incompatibility. The solutions are as follows:

• Restart your computer and if the error persists, uninstall the recently installed driver or hardware.

• Check for driver or hardware incompatibility by starting in Windows Safe Mode.

• Update or reinstall drivers.

Application Run Errors

Some applications annoy users a lot by giving error messages during operation. These errors can often occur due to missing or corrupt files or incompatible versions. To eliminate such problems;

• Restart the application and check the error again.

• Download and install the current version of the application.

• Install appropriate drivers that meet the requirements of the application.

Internet Connection Problems

Internet connection problems may prevent users from accessing the Internet and may disrupt Internet work. These problems may occur due to network settings, modem, router problems or driver incompatibilities. The steps to be taken to eliminate these situations are;

• Restart the modem or router and check the connection.

• Check your network settings and reconfigure if necessary.

• Update or reinstall your network adapter drivers.

Windows Update Problems

During Windows updates, some problems may arise, the update may fail, or undesirable results may occur on your computer. Steps that can be taken to eliminate these are:

• Download and install updates manually or disable automatic updating.

• Restart the Windows Update service or check for updates.

• Check Microsoft's official support pages to resolve update issues.

Windows File and Folder Access Problems

In some cases, problems may occur accessing files or folders. Although these problems are usually caused by file permissions, user rights or file system corruption, the solution is quite simple. These solutions are;

• Check file or folder permissions and edit if necessary.

• Scan the file system and repair corrupted files.

• Move or copy the file or folder to another location.

Windows Performance Issues

In some cases, computer performance drops or freezes may occur. Although these problems are usually caused by the accumulation of unnecessary files, applications running in the background or hardware problems, the solutions are;

• Restart your computer and close unnecessary applications.

• Optimize the disk using system tools such as disk cleanup and defragmentation.

• Update outdated drivers and check hardware compatibility.

Windows Audio or Video Problems

In some cases, no sound or video may be output from the computer, or poor quality sound may be heard. These problems are usually caused by driver incompatibility, hardware malfunctions, or connection problems. The solutions are as follows:

• Update or reinstall the audio or video drivers.

• Check connections and reconnect if necessary.

• Test external devices and connections and ensure they are working.

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